Tank Kits

Build a NEW Pumper Truck with a Vacutrux Vacuum Tank Kit

If a new septic unit is in the cards and you are thinking of building it yourself,
we have the solution for you!  Purchasing a Vacutrux Tank Kit
provides you with all the parts and components you need to
start right away and build your own service truck.

Vacutrux Tank Kits let you focus on building your truck, not looking for parts!

A. Multiple Sizes Available, Painted or Bare
B. Skids w/ Slope to Rear, or Level
C. Ladder Step Assembly, w/ Platform
D. 12 Gauge Steel, Stainless, or Aluminum
E. 2", 3" or 4" Primary Check Valve
F. 16" or 22" Dome Hatch
G. Lifting Lugs for Easy Mounting
H. 2" or 5" Sight Glasses

24" or 34" Rear Doors, 4" or 6" Dump Port

J. 3", 4" or 6" Load Port Available
with Riser / Deflector
K. Complete Betts lighting set including Rear Aluminum Modules, Tri-light, Side Markers, Rear Flood Lamp and Junction Box
L. Mud Flaps w/ Mounting Hardware
M. High Quality Wire Reinforced Vacuum Pressure Hose
N. 2", 3" or 4” Oil Catch Muffler w/ Frame Mounting Bracket
O. 2", 3" or 4” Secondary Moisture Trap w/ Mounting Bracket, Pressure Relief Valve, and Compound Gauge
P. Vacuum Pump Drive Package

Shipped Finished